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I was born in Mexico, raised as the youngest of four children, I lived most of my life in Mexico. From the age of twelve, I participated in different workshops for children. I also took part in Oil Painting Workshops and Forums of Fine Arts.
In 1999 I made a Painting Workshop in the University of the Monastery of Sor Juana. In 2004 I received the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the Academy of Arts of the Autonomous University of Mexico and in the same year I received the Presea Ignacio Manuel Altamirano. This is the price for the best average of a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
With an Academic background in Fine Arts, I specialized in Graphic Art, I manage a variety of Design Software, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and for Web Design (HTML, CSS, Javascript and Wordpress) I am also specialized in engraving, which I studied for more than five years. I work either on metal, wood or acrylics plates. In my workplace I have a Etching Press, which allows me to develop the technique and especially my creativity. I currently live in the Netherlands.
My most recent work is produced in oil or acrylic paints, specially studies after old master paintings and old techniques. Some of my work have been created digitally. The most extensive illustration work, are the drawings and graphic art published in several magazines in Mexico and book illustration in Italy. Since 2009 I have been working as a freelance Graphic Artist and have created several sleek designs and beautiful illustrations.


My contributions, participations and experiences...

•2020 November. Nomination and Exhibition, Herman Krikhaarprijs 2020. Govert Flinckstraat 24, 7606 AJ, Almelo. The Netherlands.
•2019 September. Exhibition Group, Herman Krikhaarprijs 2019. Govert Flinckstraat 24, 7606 AJ, Almelo. The Netherlands.
•2011 Juni. Second Place in the Contest: MEXICO AM NABEL DER WELT. Generalkonsulat von Mexiko, Taunusanlage 21, Frankfurt, Germany.
•2011 Juni. Exhibition Group MEXICO AM NABEL DER WELT. Generalkonsulat von Mexiko Taunusanlage 21, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
•2007 April. Exhibition Group ShowArt: Republic of Cuba Embassy. President Masaryk No. 554, Colonia Polanco. Mexico, D.F.
•2007 March. Exhibition Group ShowArt: Coffee Spot Cafe Gourmet. Colonia Roma, Mexico.
•2005 Autumn. Ilustration in CASTALIDA, Magazine. Number 29. Mexico.
•2005 Summer. Ilustration in CASTALIDA, Magazine. Number 28. Mexico.
•2005 Spring. Ilustration in CASTALIDA, Magazine. Number 27. Mexico
•2004 November. Exhibition Group ShowArt: FOURTH GENERATION, FIVE WOMEN. Cultural Institute "Sanchez Colin," Atlacomulco, Mexico.
•2004 September. Exhibition Group ShowArt: FOURTH GENERATION. Leopoldo Flores Museum Toluca.
•2004 November. Collaboration Ilustration in CASTALIDA, Magazine. Mexico.
•2004 July-September. Collaboration Ilustration in LA COLMENA Magazine. Toluca, Mexico.
•2003 July. Exhibition Group ShowArt: ANIMALES ONIRICOS. Zacango Zoo, Mexico.
•2003 January. Exhibition: WHERE IS THE QUEST?. Otomi Ceremonial Center. Temoaya, Mexico.
•2002 January. Exhibition Group ShowArt: INTER-ACTION.UAEM, Gallery of the School of Arts. Toluca, Mexico.
•2001 Participation in the International Festival Poster Contest ART & CULTURE CHIMERA. Metepec.
•2001 July. Collaboration in the Publication IMAGO, biannual newsletter, Bachelor of Fine Arts. Toluca, Mexico.
•1997 Finalists in the competition “CALAVERAS”. UAEM.. Toluca, Mexico.
•1997 Crafts Competition Cultural Research Program “CALAVERAS”, UAEM. Toluca, Mexico.

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